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Praise from Directors


Angel TV Series

"...all sweeping romance and portentous doom. Epic, memorable and intrinsically related to Angel's every triumph, defeat, and yes, every bad mood....Rob's work always gave Angel such epic sweep, without ever sacrificing intimacy."


Superman Doomsday / Superman VS The Elite / Green Lantern: First Flight

"I first noticed Rob Kral's work on Joss Whedon's ANGEL series. where week after week he produced lush, darkly heroic richly romantic. feature film quality scores on a punishing TV schedule. When it came time to choose a composer for DOOMSDAY, Rob's name was at the top of my list.

"...when Rob delivered his SUPERMAN was grand and majestic, not too upbeat and "John Williamsy", but still very stirring and definitely heroic. Hearing it you know the Man of Steel's gonna have to break a sweat to vanquish the forces of darkness. In other words, it was PERFECT, just what I wanted"

"Rob's DOOMSDAY score knocks it out of the park. The "action" cues are thrilling, the "scary" cues are REALLY intense, and the love themes - that's right, there are TWO of them - are just plain gorgeous. 


Every step of the way, he transformed our little cartoon pot-boiler into an emotionally rewarding experience. You can't ask for much more than that."


Justice League DARK

"The end result is beyond what I could have expected. Rob's music is the heart and emotion of this film. It beats to create a tone that is both haunting, thrilling, and heartbreaking at times"


The Haunting in Connecticut

"Given that this is a haunted house story, with the supernatural threat off screen most of the time, I knew the music was going to be like a character in the film. And not just in a scary way...I wanted to capture a real sense of sadness as well. Not an easy task.

That's why we were incredibly lucky to find Robert Kral. He was able to create an atmosphere that brilliantly combines all the elements I was looking for. It captures the creepiness and the sadness while making you feel like terrible things are just around the corner. Plus, he created these great emotional cues for when the family is falling apart under pressure. The kind that you just don't normally find in a horror film. Not to mention the epic music of the big scenes at the end, and the heartbreaking vocal piece ("Prayer for the Innocent") that is nothing short of genius.

Did I mention that he's also a really great guy to work with?


Thanks Rob!"

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